6 ways to create international peace from your daily habits

When I think about peace on a global scale, it’s daunting because, well, it’s GLOBAL(!!!).

That’s how everything on a global scale feels.

Grow business. Reduce violence. Increase income. Reduce waste.

The idea of making anything happen on a global scale feels just a bit overwhelming.

So this is what I have to do to keep things simple. 

I ask myself, “What’s my role on this planet—to add to the chaos or to minimize it?”

A: Minimize it.

Q: How do I minimize it?

A: Just be.

Q: Be what?

A: Well, be kindness. Just be kind.

I love that word—kind. 

It’s not the word nice. It’s not the word love.

It’s like Goldilocks and the three bears…it’s juuuuust right.

It carries within it the essence of love, generosity, courage, connection, tolerance, community, respect, joy. That word includes all of it.

So if my role is to minimize chaos by being kind, then what does that look like in my daily life? 

  1. I get rid of any chaos that sneaks around inside of me. We all contribute to the chaos on the outside if we don’t responsibly and consciously take action to get rid of it on the inside. It’s a daily practice.
  2. I ask myself, “What can I do just in this moment, or today, that takes me closer to experiencing and seeing the world as I want it to be?” Then, do it. Every day.
  3. I expect to see more of what I want to see. It’s there. Kindness is all around. I look for it.
  4. I have to feel connected. I try really hard not to isolate myself. I spend time with nature (even appreciated a water fountain at my dentist’s office) and with other humans in community (walking into a grocery store). Feeling connected is essential to being kind.
  5. I share my struggles. Talk about it or create something about it. Just get it out. My mind tells me I should just suck it up and take care of it on my own. But sharing is part of releasing the chaos inside.
  6. Be gentle. These thoughts in my head can be a bit harsh sometimes. Take it easy.

These are the things that create the international peace we are all looking for. 

It’s doesn’t start out there. It’s starts in here.

I support you!

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