I'm Amy Rymer

I used to believe that my voice didn’t matter.

  • I didn’t value my ideas.
  • I let others speak for me (in fact, I even hoped that they would).
  • I didn’t think my opinion, or even my presence, would make a difference.
  • I would say ‘yes’ when I really wanted to say ‘no’.

I knew I was out in the world to help others and make a difference.

But I was scared to make mistakes and say the wrong thing.

I even stuttered in my first job out of college.

I would get so nervous and doubt myself when I approached my coworkers that I finally asked my boss to send me to a communications course to help me learn to express myself more confidently and clearly.

If you’re anything like me, you:

  • Might be getting fed up with not having the lifestyle or career you want.
  • Want to make a difference, but you know something’s not working.

If you're tired of living your life in a half-way...almost there...maybe next time...I guess it wasn’t meant to be...way, then you’re in the right place.

 What would it feel like   to have the confidence to stop avoiding and start saying what needs to be said so that you can create the life you truly envision?

And what is that conversation that needs to happen for you to get there—to take that next step towards what you really want?

If you’re like me, being pushy and rude doesn’t feel good.

Even when people tell you that you’re being too nice, you can’t imagine being any other way.

But you also struggle with being honest about what you want without feeling guilty.

So you give up what you want in order to make others happy, and even follow their dreams.

 I’M AMY RYMER.  I’m a coach who helps mindful women like you to find your voice in difficult situations so that instead of avoiding problems you can say what needs to be said with clarity and confidence.

I spent years holding back—not wanting to have a clear opinion because I worried that I would offend someone.

I would be flexible and supportive of others because I wanted to “help” them.

Until I learned how to accept my feelings (the “good” and the “bad”), and know what I truly wanted, I couldn’t really help others. And I couldn’t truly be happy.

The answer was to practice communication and self-awareness strategies that create more confidence and clarity in what I want. So now, I can express myself in ways that feel consistently honest and kind—and feel like the real me.

For seven years, I’ve worked with hundreds of youth and adults in the U.S. and Latin America.

I helped them build tolerance and respect in their relationships and communities through mediation, conflict resolution strategies, media literacy, and experiential workshops that create trust, connection, and healing.

In the last two years, I’ve coached women to find their voice and express their needs with clarity and confidence through communication and self-awareness tools.

There’s a connection between what you desire and how communication plays a role in getting that.

You can make a big difference, but something is holding you back from speaking up in a way that your voice can really be heard.

It's not just about having an opinion.

This is about being the kind of woman who lives and speaks honestly and freely.

A woman who consistently knows what she values and is willing to speak up for that.


That’s the woman who might feel really uncomfortable but is willing to take responsibility for what she wants—for herself, her family, and her community—to get closer to the life (and world) she wants and deserves.

I'm so glad you're here. You're not alone on your journey to find your voice. If you're ready to get started, download my FREE worksheet, 4 Steps to Find Your Voice in Difficult Situations.


4 Steps to Find Your Voice in Difficult Situations


Get this FREE worksheet and pocket guide to help you be the real you in difficult situations without getting stuck or shutting down. Your voice matters. Get the clarity and confidence to stop avoiding and start saying what needs to be said so that you can create the life you truly envision.

Testimonial Image - Amy Rymer

You helped me find clarity about the situation. You helped me realize that it was actually very simple.

Brittany H. | Denver, Colorado

You helped me see that it would benefit me more in the workplace to humble myself, be less reactive, and that I don't always have to be right. You really helped me focus in on my key triggers and helped me see I can gain control of my triggers in daily life.

Rachel R. | Houston, Texas

You helped me put tools in my toolbox that I can use for future conflicts. You gave me the chance to reflect on, and learn from, some instances that happen all the time. Now I'll be able to reflect on situations on my own in the future and know more quickly, in the moment, how I want to respond. 

—Lauren A. | Raleigh, North Carolina

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