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I’m a coach who helps mindful women like you to find your voice in difficult situations so that you can be the real you and express yourself with clarity and confidence.

You helped me find clarity about the situation. You helped me realize that it was actually very simple.

Brittany H. | Denver, Colorado

You helped me see that it would benefit me more in the workplace to humble myself, be less reactive, and that I don't always have to be right. You really helped me focus in on my key triggers and helped me see I can gain control of my triggers in daily life.

Rachel R. | Houston, Texas

You helped me put tools in my toolbox that I can use for future conflicts. You gave me the chance to reflect on, and learn from, some instances that happen all the time. Now I'll be able to reflect on situations on my own in the future and know more quickly, in the moment, how I want to respond. 

—Lauren A. | Raleigh, North Carolina

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