Don’t tell me to calm down

Have you ever told someone to calm down and take a deep breath?

They probably got even more frustrated because taking a deep breath can feel pointless when you’re all fired up.

Even though it might sound too simple or silly, taking a deep breath does help people calm down.

You have something called a vagus nerve, which is rooted in your head and travels to your abdomen (touching your heart and most major organs along the way).

The job of the vagus nerve is to slow down your heart rate, blood pressure, and other organs (giving you a sense of calm).

All of the physical symptoms of anxiety or anger—racing heart, sweaty palms, dry mouth, upset stomach, shakiness—are the result of your vagus nerve disengaging.

Luckily, you have the power to keep your vagus nerve engaged by doing deep diaphragmatic breathing—with a long, slow exhale—to stay more mellow in times of stress.

This works because once the vagus nerve is stimulated, it triggers the release of a substance called acetylcholine, which is literally a tranquilizer that you can self-administer by taking those few deep breaths with long exhales.

So when you, or someone you love, gets angry this holiday, try this strategy.

Now that you know the reason why deep breathing works, you can be confident when you tell someone, “Take a deep breath.” 

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