How an abundance mindset can prevent arguments

It’s hard to keep an abundance mindset every day.

It’s easy to worry about losing something you love or believe that what you want will never come.

When I’m fearful, I defend my point of view, and I force solutions.

This leads to resistance and tension with the important people in my life. And that often leads to arguments.

What I’ve noticed, though, is that when I see the world as abundant, I stop feeling the need to fight for resources (or force my will on others).

I start to relax when I believe that I’m already getting, and will continue to get, what I need.

That doesn’t mean that I never share my opinion or that I stop trying to get what I desire.

But I open up to whatever needs to happen in that moment.

I become a better listener because I’m really paying attention to the other person and not only focused on my needs.

That means that sometimes I express my opinion, and sometimes I am be patient without saying anything.

Friend, do you struggle with being open to whatever needs to happen in the present moment?

Instead, do you defend your point of view and force solutions on problems?

That’s natural. You deserve to get what you need.

But you can do it in a way that removes the fear and embraces abundance.

If you want to create an abundance mindset, let’s talk.

In a FREE 30 minute session with me, we’ll explore what fears make you want to push your point of view and force your solutions on others. And I’ll give you a strategy to help you be more open to the present moment so that you can feel relaxed. After the conversation, you’ll prevent more arguments and release tension with the people you care about.

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