I hesitated to speak up about a $1 soda

A simple thing happened yesterday.

I bought a Diet Coke at the corner store and took it home to drink.

When I tasted it, the flavor wasn’t sweet like it should have been.

The date on the can said January 19, 2015. Almost two years past due.

So I let it sit on my desk while I made a phone call (and thought about whether I wanted to go to the trouble to return the drink).

After the call, I still really wanted a new drink.

Then, this thought went through my head, “I don’t want to make that sweet lady at the store feel bad for selling me a gross drink. She’ll be embarrassed.”


It’s nice that I thought of her feelings, but she’s a shop owner. Mistakes happen. It’s no big deal.

I took back the drink.

I nicely told the sweet lady what had happened, and she gave me a new drink.

I left, thinking, “If I hesitated to speak up about a $1 can of soda, how often do I hold back with more significant things?”

Why did I hesitate? 

  • Was I uncomfortable with the idea that she might resist my request and not replace the drink?
  • Did I believe that I wasn’t worthy of asking for a fresh drink, even when I had already paid money for it?
  • Was I too worried about her needs and not focused enough on my own?

I wasn’t even mad about the situation. I took the can back because I really just wanted a new drink. There was no reason to hesitate.

So, don’t worry so much about what others will think. Just do the thing and get what you want.

By the way, I can say that to you because you’re just like me. You have good intentions and want people to be happy. You’re not going to suddenly become a troll because I told you to get a little more bold. That’s what I love about you. You’re a considerate person.

So, if you relate to this situation, and little moments like these are holding you back in your life, let’s talk.

In a free clarity session, we’ll talk about what’s getting in the way of you speaking up with more confidence so that you can get what you need. I’ll give you a strategy that you can use today to get your relationships back in balance.

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