I learned this from my friend’s dog

You’ve probably noticed how easily your pets forgive you.

You went to a happy hour last week instead of rushing home to take your dog for a walk. You didn’t have time to snuggle with your kitty for a few days this week. You stepped on your potbellied pig while cooking dinner last night (a friend of mine has one).

Even though humans and animals are different, we can learn a lot from their way of being.

My friend got mad at her boyfriend the other day.

Then, she watched him play with their dogs and thought, “He wants me to be like the dogs–just happy and not bothered at all. But I’m a human, not a dog.”

But dogs are great examples of how to be consistent in your response to others, even if they’re mean to you.

I asked her, “How can you be more like your dogs? How could you be loving to your boyfriend today, regardless of how he acts?”

She said, “But what do I get from doing that?”

You get to practice being in control of how you want to feel. When you’re in control of your emotions, and you’re consistent, you feel good.

Instead of getting caught up in how he is MAKING YOU FEEL, you’re able to decide how you WANT TO FEEL.

That’s what the dog does. He’s consistent. He’s able to stay happy even if you’re mad. He doesn’t take it personally. He just chooses to be happy and loving, regardless of how you respond.

Do you have a story like this, Friend? I’d love to hear it!

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Have an incredible day!

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