Is love getting in the way?

‘m feeling inspired today because I’ve been taking walks in the morning along the bay near my house.

The beauty overwhelms me. 

Sometimes I want to bottle it up and hoard it, but I can’t.

I might have been the only person who wasn’t excited (at first) about pumpkin everything and the coming of fall.

It took a few weeks before I realized that I was trying to hold onto summer.

You can’t resist the seasons! 

And I thought about the fact that I can’t control nature. I just have to let it be…and love it for the moment that we have together.

Then, let it go.

Relationships with the people we care about can be like that. We feel overwhelmed by all the good and want to hold onto it the best we can.

But it’s okay to let go and not try to control it. 

Love that person for the time that you’re with him and release him–whether he’s a newborn or your partner of 50 years.

And in letting go, sometimes love sticks around a little longer.

Sometimes it comes back the next day (like the sun), the next year (like the seasons), or the next lifetime (who knows, right?).

If you can relate to what I’m talking about, let’s chat

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Nature doesn’t resist change. It embraces it.

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