Is this happening to you?

Do you ever feel drained after talking to someone about a tough situation they’re dealing with?

If you’re a good listener and you care about others, you’re familiar with this.

People come to you because they need your support, but it’s possible that you also take on the negative energy of what they’re sharing.

So, you start to feel worn-out.

This is also true when someone makes a rude comment to you or has a negative opinion.

But that’s their energy, not yours.

You don’t have take on other people’s frustrations.

If you refuse to take it personally, you’ll be immune to their energy.

Also, when you know you’ll be entering a situation where you’ll be vulnerable to other people’s negative energy, you can practice a visualization to help repel the negative vibes.

Friend, it may sound silly, but it works.

I imagine myself in a bubble that surrounds my whole body. And if negative ideas or people come my way, they bounce off the bubble.

I’ve heard people say they use mirrors to reflect the energy, shields, a blanket, a cloak, or white light that surrounds them.

Words and thoughts have power.

Even when others are negative, you’ll be a force for good when you share your kind words and loving thoughts.

If you’re constantly feeling drained by other people’s negative energy, let’s chat.

I’ll give you a strategy to handle the negativity and respond to it with confidence and ease.

When you have the right tools to communicate, you won’t ignore the things that are important to you. You’ll know what you need and how to get it in a kind, cooperative way.

Sign up for a free 30 minute negativity-busting session with me.

Can’t wait to talk to you!

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