I know you have a courageous, generous spirit. And you want to do good things in the world.

But you can't do them if you’re not speaking up for what you know is right for you and those around you.

Do you…

  • Struggle to be honest without feeling guilty?
  • Think you won’t have enough time to explain yourself?
  • Avoid those hard conversations because you freeze up or shut down when you don’t know what to say next?
  • Lie awake at night thinking about how and when to have that conversation you’ve been avoiding?


I help mindful women like you to find your voice in difficult situations so that instead of avoiding problems you can say what needs to be said with clarity and confidence.

You know the feeling when you finish a difficult conversation, and you feel so much relief?

That’s what I want for you—to come out of these conversations feeling strong, radiant, inspired, and confident.

Are you ready to get into alignment with what you truly want?

It all starts with that conversation you've been avoiding.

You might feel so uncomfortable thinking about this right now that you convince yourself that you don’t really want that thing after all.

Who do you need to talk to in order to get closer to what you need—a boyfriend, a friend, a neighbor, a mentor, your mom, a boss?

If you struggle to start these difficult conversations that will get you closer to what you truly want, the FIND YOUR VOICE: 14-DAY PROGRAM is perfect for you.


  • You get can’t get clear about what you want in the moment so that you can make confident choices for yourself and those you care about.
  • You think and think about what to say, but you never start the conversation because you don’t feel confident.
  • You get stuck in those moments when you feel attacked, confused, and unsure of what to say next.
  • You have big ideas to help your family, community, or the world, but you struggle to start the conversations that will get you closer to those dreams.

As a result of our work together, you’ll:

  • Know what’s important to you and what’s getting in the way of expressing it clearly.
  • Be able to start (and end) the conversation you’ve been avoiding.
  • Know how to handle awkward moments when you feel attacked, confused, or unsure of what to say next.
  • Have the confidence to start difficult conversations with other people in your life.


1 Private Coaching Session: 90 Minutes

  • In our first call, we'll talk about what you want and what’s keeping you from having the confidence and clarity to have the conversation that would move you closer to what you want.
  • I’ll give you the steps to prepare for that conversation you’ve been avoiding, and we’ll practice together, so that you feel clear and confident to start (and end) the conversation.

2 Weeks of Email Support

  • In between the calls, I’ll give you feedback and guidance by email so that when you’re unsure of what to do, you won’t feel lost. Email me when you have a question, doubt, or need help about what to do next.

1 Private Coaching Follow up Session: 45 Minutes

  • During our second call, we’ll talk about how your conversation went. I’ll give you more guidance so that you feel confident about the next conversation, or your future connection, with this person.

BONUS Virtual Workshop

  • YOUR VOICE MATTERS: Create what you envision and have the confidence to say what you know needs to be said
  • You’ll receive a recording of this two-hour virtual workshop that isn’t available in any other program. You'll get clear about what’s important to you and know how to start and end difficult conversations with ease.

Price: $99

Which project, idea, or dream is on hold until you can say what needs to be said?

What would it be like to get into bed tonight and not lie awake thinking about that conversation you need to have?

It can be hard to know when and how to start that conversation. But after you do it, you’ll feel calm, relieved, and confident.

That’s what I want for you—to come out of these conversations feeling centered and confident because you did it in a way that felt true to your nature.

Not in a way that feels pushy, rude, or selfish.

You’re not that kind of woman.


Sound perfect? Great! Follow these easy steps to get started:

  • Step 1. Click here to schedule your 90-minute session and purchase FIND YOUR VOICE: 14-DAY PROGRAM.
  • Step 2. You’ll receive an email confirming for your session, and within 24 hours, I will send you the BONUS workshop recording.
  • Step 3. We’ll have our first coaching session to get you moving towards what you envision!

If you have any questions, email me at:

About Me - Amy Rymer


I’m a coach who helps mindful women like you to find your voice in difficult situations so that you can be the real you and express yourself with clarity and confidence.


4 Steps to Find Your Voice in Difficult Situations


Get this FREE worksheet and pocket guide to help you be the real you in difficult situations without getting stuck or shutting down. Your voice matters. Get the clarity and confidence to stop avoiding and start saying what needs to be said so that you can create the life you truly envision.

You helped me find clarity about the situation. You helped me realize that it was actually very simple.

Brittany H. | Denver, Colorado

You helped me see that it would benefit me more in the workplace to humble myself, be less reactive, and that I don't always have to be right. You really helped me focus in on my key triggers and helped me see I can gain control of my triggers in daily life.

Rachel R. | Houston, Texas

You helped me put tools in my toolbox that I can use for future conflicts. You gave me the chance to reflect on, and learn from, some instances that happen all the time. Now I'll be able to reflect on situations on my own in the future and know more quickly, in the moment, how I want to respond. 

—Lauren A. | Raleigh, North Carolina

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